710 UPS Members Re: Postcard from the IBT

Local 710 Memorandum 

To:         Teamsters Local 710 Members
Re:         Postcard from the IBT 


You will have received a postcard in the mail from the IBT that has sparked some questions that we would like to clear up. It is true that your Secretary Treasurer, Mike Cales, did not attend the IBT 2-Person Meeting to review the national tentative agreement with UPS, nor did any other 710 Union officers.  As you know, Local 710 has a “white paper” collective bargaining agreement with UPS. This means that our contract is separate from the IBT’s national agreement.  Local Leadership did not attend the national contract review in Washington because they were here, in Illinois, reviewing and finalizing your Local 710 UPS Agreement with your bargaining committee.  But your leadership was present in Washington, DC when the final national tentative agreement was presented to the National Committee, where we supported that agreement.  

Local 710 is one of two Locals in the country with white paper agreements. Many items in your independent contract, including most economic changes, are negotiated in conjunction with national bargaining.  But our contract is negotiated separately from the IBT. Local 710 does represent a small portion of UPS Cartage Services Members that do vote on a supplement and the National agreement, but the vast majority of our members are covered under the Local 710 white paper agreement.  

Our Local 710 Committee met for our own review and endorsement meeting of our agreement during the same period that the National committee reviewed theirs. At our meeting, your committee voted unanimously to support and endorse your contract and bring it to the members for your vote. At that time, we also notified the IBT National Package Division of our endorsement.  

To clear up any confusion, the highlights that the IBT’s postcard refers to as being in “your contract” are changes that were made in the national UPS contract. Many of those changes were also negotiated in our Local 710 contract, but the list on the postcard was not written for the Local 710 agreement and is not 100% accurate. We would encourage all Local 710 members to review the highlights document that we have posted online as well as mailed to every 710 UPS member for more accurate information specific to your contract.  

Our contract ratification vote is being conducted online and via phone through BallotPoint. Members should have received their voter packet in the mail with instructions to vote. Local 710’s voting period closes on AUGUST 25 AT NOON CENTRAL (not August 22 like the postcard states).   

We encourage every single member to vote on your Local 710 contract. There are many great improvements throughout the entire agreement that will benefit members in every classification. If you have any questions before casting your vote, please do not hesitate to contact your Business Agent.

Missing your ballot?

You can text or email BallotPoint to receive your ballot within seconds. If that doesn’t work or you need further assistance, please call the Union hall at (773) 254-3200, Monday – Friday, 8:00am – 4:30pm CT or email ups@teamsters710.org.

Full Instructions to Receive Your Ballot »

Need to review the tentative agreement?

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