710 UPS MEMBERS: Don’t forget to VOTE! Need your ballot?

Hey 710 UPSers! Don’t forget to VOTE on your contract!

Members should have their ballot packets by the end of this week. If you haven’t gotten your packet, you are able to send a message via text or email to BallotPoint to receive your ballot. Please follow the instructions below carefully!

Voting closes at 12:00pm CT on Friday, August 25, 2023.

TEXT for Your Replacement Ballot – Text VOTE to 888-823-6371

  1. Open your texting app on your smart phone – You MUST use the phone number that match our records at the Union Hall.
  2. Create a new message to (888) 823-6371
  3. Type the message: VOTE

After sending the text, you should receive a text from BallotPoint, usually in less than 5 seconds. Click the link in that text to display your ballot.

EMAIL for Your Replacement Ballot

  1. From: Your email address that is on file with the Union Hall (if you haven’t provided the hall with your email address, this will not work)
  2. To: aries@ballotpoint.com
  3. Subject: VOTE

After sending the email, you should receive an email from BallotPoint, usually in less than 30 seconds (you may need to refresh your email program). Click the link in that email to display your ballot.

If the TEXT or EMAIL does not work, please contact the Union Hall immediately so we can assist you to receive your ballot. Call (773) 254-3200, M-F, 8:00am – 4:30pm CT or email ups@teamsters710.org.

REMEMBER! You are voting on the Local 710 UPS Tentative Agreement ONLY. You will have two options on your ballot: YES, I vote to APPROVE the tentative agreement. NO, I vote to REJECT the tentative agreement. There are no additional items to vote on – Local 710 has a standalone “white paper” agreement (not a supplement) that is separate from the National UPS agreement.

Need to Review the Tentative Agreement?

A full redline booklet of all the changes, along with a highlights pamphlet, were mailed to all members along with your ballot packet. Both can also be viewed online here:

710 UPS Redline TA

710 UPS TA Highlights


Please be sure to contact your Business Agent if you have any questions on the tentative agreement.

Del Schaefer

Del Schaefer, President & Business Agent

Local 710 UPS Since 1989, Steward for 20 Years

E-Mail Del
Neil McKinney

Neil McKinney, Vice President & Business Agent

Local 710 UPS Since 1994, Steward for 17 years

E-Mail Neil
Simon McNamara

Simon McNamara, Business Agent

Local 710 UPS Since 1984, Steward for 12 years

E-Mail Simon
Craig Friedrich

Craig Friedrich, Business Agent


E-Mail Craig
Matt Hamilton

Matt Hamilton, Business Agent


E-Mail Matt
Tony Lamy

Anthony Lamy, Business Agent

Local 710 since 1979, Business Agent Since 2008

E-Mail Tony

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