Frequently Asked Questions

What is a union?

A union is a group of workers who stand together to better their wages and working conditions. The right to form a union is protected under federal law.

How can the Union affect benefits at work?

Having a union at work is the best chance workers have to obtain and maintain benefits such as health care and retirement security. Being in a union gives workers the ability to negotiate collectively and to secure benefits in a contract with the the company.

Who negotiates my contract?

Our local maintains a practice of having a negotiating committee made up members that work in the facility and representatives from the local union.

What kind of say do I get in the contract?

Before contract negotiations the membership gives the negotiating committee the proposals of what they would like to see in the contract. When the negotiations conclude you and your coworkers decide by a majority vote whether or not the agreement is acceptable.

How do I get a copy of my contract?

Members always get a copy of their contract. If you have not received a copy, contact the local union office.

If I’m on layoff, do I have to continue paying dues?

No. Any time you get laid of or leave your employer for any reason you should request a withdrawal card.

How do I get a withdrawal card?

Contact the local union office to request your withdrawal card. It only takes a few minutes.

How do I file a grievance?

Grievance procedures vary by contract. Check your contract and follow the procedures outlined. If you have any questions about filling a grievance contact your Shop Steward or Business Agent.

How do I find out who my business agent is?

If you are not sure who your Business Agent is, call the union office for assistance.

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