Rules for Interacting with Teamsters Local 710 on Social Media

Teamsters Local 710 maintains multiple social media platforms in addition to our main website ( The Local maintains these sites in order to further share information and news about the local and labor movement , and to provide an outlet to engage with fellow Teamsters and the community.

Our goal is to create an environment that encourages healthy and open interaction and discussion where users can be comfortable when contributing to this page while keeping up-to-date on the latest Local 710 and labor news.

The Local remains transparent with our social media outlets and will not moderate its pages in any way that silences anyone who contributes to our online community in a respectful manner. However, in order to maintain an open environment and protect our followers, we have few rules for contributors to follow:

  1. Be respectful. Do not make postings that are discriminatory, vulgar, racist, harassing, or threatening towards another person or organization.
  2. Be fair and honest. Do not make postings that are libelous or pose as someone you are not.
  3. Do not spam. This includes unsolicited ads, repetitive posts, phishing, etc.
  4. Honor the privacy and intellectual property of others. Do not post anything that includes personal details of someone or take credit for something that is not your own.

Please be advised that we reserve the right to remove any post or contributor in violation of these rules, depending on the nature of the offense(s).

We thank you for your engagement and contributions to creating a vibrant online community!

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