Local 710 UPS Tentative Agreement Update

As you know, Teamsters Local 710 has reached a full tentative agreement with UPS. The Local 710 Negotiating Committee met last Wednesday, July 26 to review all of the changes from the National Tentative Agreement, and then met again just this past Tuesday, August 1, to review our Local 710 redline, which shows all changes made that members will be voting on.

At our August 1st meeting, the full Negotiating Committee recommended our tentative agreement be brought to the members for a ratification vote.

In accordance with the International Constitution, Local 710 must submit all tentative agreements to the appropriate IBT Division to review prior to conducting a ratification vote. At this time, we are waiting for a final approval from the IBT in order to move forward.

Until then, we ask everyone to be patient – You will have an opportunity to review the redline tentative agreement prior to casting your vote. We will also be conducting meetings both online at at UPS Centers for reviews and to answer questions. We will be scheduling those meetings very soon.

Local 710 will also be mailing every UPS member a packet that includes a copy of the redline, plus a summary document and voting instructions to conduct your vote through BallotPoint. Votes will be able to be cast via smartphone, internet, or toll-free call. The actual timing of our voting window is contingent upon when our tentative agreement is approved by the IBT.

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