UPS Teamsters Secure Historic Tentative Agreement

Local 710 Committee Prepares for Review and Ratification

Earlier today, the Teamsters reached a historic tentative agreement that benefits the lives of more than 340,000 Teamsters across the country, including 7,000 members at Local 710. The tentative agreement reached today is on top of the tentative agreement for non-economic issues the Local reached at the beginning of July.

The Local 710 Negotiating Committee will meet tomorrow to review the items reached at the national table. Once those are formalized, the Committee will meet again next Tuesday, August 1, to review the complete redline contract and prepare for the ratification vote.

Local 710 will be scheduling several meetings – both online and in person – to go through the full tentative agreement with the rank-and-file ahead of the ratification vote. Members will have the opportunity to review the complete redline prior to casting their vote. 

Highlights of the tentative agreement include:

  • Unprecedented wage increases for all existing part-time and full-time members of at least $7.50 per hour over the life of the contract – including a year-one increase of $2.75 per hour
  • New hire rate of $21 (with existing part-timers increasing to no less than $21), advancing to $23 per hour
  • 25.13s will be reclassified immediately as Regular Package Car Drivers – ending the two-tier pay scale
  • Martin Luther King Day will be added as a holiday
  • No forced overtime for Drivers on 6th or 7th days in facilities with 6-day delivery
  • More members will be allowed off on optional days and single vacation days – and the Company cannot deny your request for those days
  • Mechanics with at least 15 years seniority will be able to bid into Feeders
  • Improved wages for Mechanics
  • Reduction to the use of Surepost
  • Improved arbitration procedure that will ensure shorter wait times for a decision, including a standing arbitrator at panel for discipline cases 
  • Additional 10-minute paid break for part-timers who work more than 7 hours
  • Secured double time for Sleeper Teams for all hours worked on holidays
  • Improved on-call language and bidding for Sleeper Teams

More details on all improvements throughout the contract to follow.

Stay tuned to for the latest updates on the Local 710 UPS tentative agreement and ratification vote.

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