Local 710 Talks Over Technology Grow Heated at UPS Negotiations

Committee Prepares for Strike Authorization Vote Next Week

MOKENA, IL | The Teamsters Local 710 UPS Bargaining Committee continued negotiations this week at the Union Hall. The Union spent time reviewing all open proposals, holding firm on outstanding issues. The main topics of discussion turned towards the use of technology, which prompted numerous questions and serious concerns from the committee.

“The Company’s counter proposal regarding automation and cameras was extremely disappointing, and our committee opposed it one hundred percent,” said 710 Principal Officer Mike Cales. “We have less than two months before this contract expires. We haven’t even touched on economics yet, and there are a lot of troubling proposals on the table, including this one on Article 14. UPS needs to understand that these are the kinds of top issues that are going to lead our members straight to a picket line.”

Local 710 will be conducting a strike authorization vote next week via electronic voting through BallotPoint. Members will receive information and a link to vote through text or email early next week. The voting period will be open from 10:00am CT Tuesday, June 13 through 12:00pm CT Friday, June 16. Any 710 UPS member not receiving a voting link by noon on Tuesday should call the Union Hall at (773) 254-3200 or reach out to their Business Agent to be sent their link.

“We’ve been at the bargaining table for the past four months, and at this point, it is crucial that our entire UPS membership is ready for August 1,” said 710 Bargaining Chairman and President Del Schaefer. “Moving forward, we are calling on our members to give our 710 committee the ability to call for a strike if necessary. This Company needs to wake up, and a strike authorization from the membership should do just that.”

There are still more than 100 non-economic proposals that haven’t been fully addressed, most of which have not received a counter proposal from the Company. UPS passed its Article 14 technology proposal just Thursday evening, which led to hours of discussion amongst the 710 Committee. Friday’s bargaining session focused on the Stewards voicing the concerns of the membership and asking questions.

“Our members already feel over-supervised as it is, and we all know how much technology has advanced in the last five years and will advance in the next five,” said Bloomington Steward and Package Car Driver John Maubach. “We want to protect our work and the ability to do our jobs safely without the invasive use of technology inside our centers and inside our trucks.”

“Some of the systems being implemented on our feeder trucks already actually add distractions instead of preventing them,” said Steward and Feeder Driver Jeff Dawson. “We need a lot of questions answered – something even as simple as if the volume can be adjusted on the notification system – before we as a committee can even begin to digest the Company’s full proposal.”

Negotiations are scheduled to continue next week, and several more bargaining sessions were scheduled throughout June and July.

The Local 710 UPS agreement covers more than 7,000 members throughout Illinois, Indiana, and Iowa. It is separate from the national UPS agreement but expires at the same time, July 31, 2023. Stay tuned to Teamsters710.com or follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest bargaining updates.

BallotPoint Voting Information

Voting Period:

OPEN Tuesday, June 13, 2023 at 10:00 am CT
CLOSE on Friday, June 16, 2023 at 12:00 pm CT

THIS IS A SECRET BALLOT VOTE FOR A STRIKE AUTHORIZATION – A “YES” vote will give the 710 Bargaining Committee the power to call for a strike, if necessary, starting any time after 12:00 am on August 1st. This vote DOES NOT mean that members will go on strike immediately.

The Local 710 UPS Bargaining Committee recommends that all members vote “YES” to show UPS that our members stand together as one and will do whatever it takes to reach a fair agreement.

Members will receive a link from BallotPoint to their cell or email early next week with a link to instructions on how to vote and a secret ballot. Members may recast their ballot, but only your last vote will be counted.

IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE A BALLOT BY NOON CENTRAL ON TUESDAY, JUNE 13, you should contact the Union Hall during regular business hours of 8:00 am – 4:30 pm CT to be recredentialed and sent a voting link. Most likely, the Union will simply need an updated phone number or email address. New voting links will go out as quickly as possible, but not immediately – please allow until the next day to receive your link. Members who do not receive a ballot and who do not contact the Union Hall before 11:00am CT on Friday, June 16 may not be able to vote before the voting window closes.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this vote, please contact your Business Agent.

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