Local 710: Internal Organizing at QCD Greenwood

Moliek Talley (QCD Greenwood), Organizer Mike Lloyd, & Steward Young (QCD Romeoville Steward)

GREENWOOD, IN | Teamsters Local 710 represents drivers and warehouse workers at the Greenwood, IN facility, and signed up over 20 new members while on a site visit the last couple of days.

“Being in a ‘right-to-work’ state, it’s that much more important to explain the benefits of being a card-carrying Union member,” said Vice President & Business Agent Neil McKinney. “We’re actively getting out to our Indiana and Iowa buildings to continue to grow our Local.”

Brother Jayme signing up for Local 710!

McKinney was joined by Business Agent John Rule, Organizer Mike Lloyd and QCD Romeoville Steward Steward Young to help with the organizing drive. Local 710 is currently in negotiations with QCD Greenwood, and the existing agreement expires May 31, 2023.

“Signing up so many new members while we’re at the bargaining table sends a strong message to this employer,” said McKinney. “This shows how united their workers are to get the protections and benefits they deserve.”

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