Message from Secretary-Treasurer Mike Cales

Update Regarding the UPS Jurisdictional Dispute


Brothers and Sisters,

I spoke today with General President Sean O’Brien about the UPS Jurisdictional Dispute that was filed by Locals 135, 215, 364, and 414 back in 2015 claiming jurisdiction over a number of Local 710-represented UPS Centers in Indiana and Illinois.

It has been brought to my attention that the new IBT administration is in the process of looking into multiple disputes – not just ours – that were left unresolved from the previous administration, and they are currently gathering information on all open items.

President O’Brien is very aware of our dispute and your concerns. I know many of you have voiced your feelings on this matter, and he has definitely heard you loud and clear.

We are in the process of scheduling to meet with President O’Brien very soon so that we can hopefully put this behind us. I am looking forward to some productive discussions on this matter so that we can concentrate our energy on taking on UPS to win a fair contract.

Thank you again for your support, and we will continue to update you as this situation progresses.

In Solidarity,
Mike Cales
Secretary-Treasurer & Principal Officer

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