Jewel Update: No Progress Made Day Before Contract Expiration

Local 710 Teamsters’ Frustrations Peak During Bargaining Session

MOKENA, IL After a 10-hour bargaining session, still no progress has been made towards a new agreement for Jewel warehouse and transportation workers who work out of Chicagoland’s distribution center.

Union negotiators met early to fashion a comprehensive proposal for each bargaining unit. Some proposals were withdrawn and others modified in an effort to bring the parties closer to a settlement. The response by the Company was to present a proposal that pushed the parties farther apart. Union negotiators were baffled and frustrated.

“We don’t understand the company’s approach. They have been wasting our time for months. Their strategy does not seem designed to get an agreement,” said Secretary-Treasurer Mike Cales. “After years of sacrifice by our members to make Jewel successful, this employer remains disrespectful to its employees and their families. It’s just plain insulting. While Jewel and Albertsons are making record profits off the backs of our members, their refusal to offer a serious contract is consistent with a disheartening history of corporate greed. Our members deserve better.”

The Union is set to meet again with the employer first thing in the morning. Both contracts are set to expire at 11:59 p.m.

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