Local 710 July General Membership Meeting via Zoom Webinar

The Teamsters Local 710 July General Membership Meeting is being conducted via Zoom Webinar!



July General Membership Meeting
Sun, July 26, 2020 | 11:00 am CT
Zoom Webinar

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Given the continued uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic and recent spikes in cases, we are again conducting the upcoming July General Membership Meeting via Zoom Webinar in order to ensure the safety of our members. Like you, I am looking forward to when we can safely join together again.

We have gotten a lot of positive feedback from doing the meetings in this fashion, but we have also heard from some members who had difficulty connecting to our previous meetings. We are working closely with Zoom and the IBT to troubleshoot these issues as best we can, and we will also have staff available the day of the meeting who you can call if you end up experiencing any issues.

I encourage you to try and connect to the meeting ahead of time that morning in case you need to work through any potential issues beforehand. You may call the Union Hall at 773-254-3200 starting at 9:00 am CT on Sunday, July 26, if you experience any problems connecting.

You may also contact the hall or email zoom@teamsters710.org prior to the meeting if you have any questions.

To note, even if you registered for the previous Zoom Meetings, you must register again in order to receive your unique access link to join this meeting.

Attendees will be limited to Local 710 members in good standing and retirees. This meeting will be broadcast to approved registrants only – there will be no in-person meeting at the Union Hall.

You must register by Friday, July 24, 2020 at 1600!

How to Register:

  1. Fill out the secure registration form here: bit.ly/L710July

    You will receive a confirmation email that your form was submitted at that time.
  2. Watch for your email from Zoom with your unique link and instructions to join the meeting on Sunday (please allow 2 business days from submitting to receive your Zoom link).

    BE CAREFUL, as this link will only work on ONE DEVICE. Once you click on that link, you must use that same device for the duration of the meeting. For instance, if you click that link early on your phone, but end up wanting to use your computer the day of the meeting, you will have to connect via your phone.
  3. Get set up early on July 26!

    Try connecting to the meeting from the device you plan to view and participate from ahead of our 11:00 am CT start time.Zoom may require that you “sign in” prior to you connecting to the meeting. If so, be sure to use the SAME EMAIL as you did when you initially registered.

    Once you’re all set, you’ll see a message saying that the host has not yet started the meeting, and that you will be able to join once it is started. If you connect after 11, you will automatically join the meeting in progress.

If you experience any kind of problems connecting, please call (773) 254-3200 beginning at 9:00 am CT to speak with one of our staff members who will try to assist you in connecting.

Thank you for your patience as we move through this pandemic together!

Mike Cales


Some common solutions you may want to consider if you are experiencing issues:

  • Be sure you have access to a strong internet connection – either a strong WiFi network or ethernet. If not, and you are joining from your phone, switch off your WiFi and run on mobile data.
  • Make sure you ONLY click your webinar link on the device you plan to join the meeting on. Zoom authorizes the first device you’re using that you click on the link.

Note that this meeting is being conducted via webinar in response to the COVID-19 pandemic to adhere to social distancing guidelines on a non-precedent-setting basis.