Local 710 Secures Strong Tentative Agreement for YRC/Holland Clerical Workers

Teamsters Stand Firm to Secure "Red Circle" Agreement, Retain One Pay Scale

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MOKENA, IL | The Teamsters Local 710 Negotiating Committee for YRC and Holland Clerical Workers reached a strong tentative agreement last week that comes with a full recommendation of the union committee. The 53 clerical workers are under a white paper agreement separate from the National Master Freight Agreement ratified last year.

While negotiations dragged on for more than a year – including a nearly unanimous rejection from the committee and members last fall – the union stood firm on several key issues from the members throughout the entire process and secured a victory for those issues.

“Perseverance paid off big time in these clerical negotiations,” said Secretary-Treasurer Mike Cales. “The contract was voted down last time for three major reasons, all of which were taken care of in this new tentative agreement. Our committee was incredibly resilient and stood up for what’s right as true Teamsters.”

Local 710 was successful in eliminating the company’s proposal of a two-tier pay system, won the national wage package (the previously rejected agreement included a wage package lower than that of the national) retroactive to April 1, 2019, and secured language in the contract itself for a “red circle” agreement that protects the bargaining unit in the event a third party is utilized, such as HNRY Logistics.

“Our core issues never varied from day one,” said Committee Chairman John “Shaggy” Rule. “We made it clear to the employer what it would take to get a recommendation from this committee, and I’m proud to say that we stood our ground together and achieved just that. There was no way we were going to accept a two-tier pay scale and no protections for our bargaining unit work. Our sisters on the committee stuck to their guns and did a great job of bringing the members’ voices to the table.”

The union committee also secured improvements in the amount of members that can be allowed off on vacation, bereavement leave, and protections to FMLA.

“It was a long road, but definitely worth it,” said Holland committee member JoAnne Lizak. “I’m so glad we can finally bring a contract back to the members that we’re proud of. Reaching this tentative agreement shows what’s possible when you’re backed by the solidarity and strength of the Teamsters Union.”

Local 710 Representatives and Stewards will be reviewing the tentative agreement with the bargaining unit with a vote planned for this week.

Union Committee

  • John “Shaggy” Rule, Bargaining Chairman
  • Phil Reams, Co-Chairman
  • JoAnne Lizak, Holland Clerical Steward & Local 710 Office Clerk
  • Jean Matthis, YRC Clerical Steward
  • Debbie Minnick, Holland Clerical Steward
  • Deborah Woods, YRC Clerical Steward
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