TeamCare Trustees Approve Layoff Coverage at No Cost to Members

Teamsters Local 710 is happy to report that the Board of Trustees of TeamCare has approved a Plan amendment granting up to eight weeks of TeamCare Layoff Coverage at no cost to members who are laid off between March 1, 2020 and December 31, 2020.

“This is great news for our UPS and UPS Freight members,” said President Del Schaefer. “With the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, families have enough to worry about – completely losing their healthcare if they’re laid off shouldn’t have to be one of them. Our UPS and UPS Freight members on the frontlines are out there facing the risks to keep our country moving forward, and this benefit is essential to ensure they and their families are protected.”

In cases where a collective bargaining agreement, other written agreement, or any legal obligation requires employer contributions for laid off employees paid to the Fund; the eight weeks of TeamCare Layoff Coverage will begin the week after the employer paid contributions cease.

Members who continue to be laid off at the end of the TeamCare Layoff Coverage may elect COBRA for continued coverage.

“Protecting our members and their families in such uncertain times where things change dramatically on a daily basis is our highest priority,” said Secretary-Treasurer Mike Cales. “It’s great that TeamCare has joined the ranks of our other Healthcare Funds – the 710 Health & Welfare Fund and the CTDU Health & Welfare Fund – that are doing the right thing for the members in offering extended benefits.”

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