CTDU Health & Welfare Fund Trustees Approve Extended Healthcare Coverage for Laid Off Workers

These benefits are for participants in the CTDU Health & Welfare Plans. Information for participants in the 710 Health & Welfare Fund may be found here. Information to participants in the TeamCare Health & Welfare Fund is forthcoming.

CHICAGO, IL | The Trustees of the Chicago Truck Drivers Union (CTDU) Health & Welfare Fund have extended healthcare coverage for participants who have been laid off due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Effective March 23, 2020, participants in Plan A will be entitled to thirty days of layoff credits until the expiration of the “Stay at Home” order, and the increase in cost to Plan A will be delayed until June 2020.

Participants in Plan B who are laid off will be entitled to one month of extended coverage.

“Given the current state of the world, expanding healthcare benefits for workers is more important than ever,” said Fund Co-Chair & Local 710 Business Agent Bernie Sherlock. “I’m happy we were able to secure these benefits for our workers who are laid off due to this virus – they shouldn’t have to worry about losing their healthcare in a time like this.”

Business Agents Bernie Sherlock, Mike Ramirez, and John Rule are the Union Trustees to this Fund. Questions or concerns should be directed to the CTDU Benefit Funds Office at (708) 924-0828.

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