Local 710 ABF Dockman Nick Nunes Saves Young Man’s Life

Teamster Hero Assists Sheriffs, Stops 15-Year Old from Jumping Off Bridge

CHICAGO HEIGHTS, IL | Teamsters Local 710 Brother Nick Nunes, a 30-year dockman & spotter at ABF in Sauk Village, Ill. is being recognized as a hero after he assisted the Cook County Sheriff’s Department in saving the life of a 15-year old young man on Thursday.

Brother Nunes was on his way home from work after a 10-hour overtime shift and saw a young man on the overpass of Rt. 30 and I-394 about to jump. Nunes approached him and spoke calmly, showing compassion to someone in great distress. While Nunes spoke to the young man, sheriffs were able to stop him from jumping. Nunes continued to help the officers to keep control of the situation, and the young man was saved.

“I was just in the right place at the right time. I pulled over, made eye contact with him, and just kept talking with him while the officers came up and grabbed him,” said Nunes. “I told him he’s just starting his life, and that he’s going to get the help he needs. We took care of him, and I made sure once he was off the edge, he wasn’t going back over.”

The officers at the sheriff’s department called Nunes the next day to update him and thank him for his help, noting that Nunes would have done well as an officer or social worker with how well he handled the situation. The young man is doing better and will be getting the help that he needs moving forward.

“Nick is really a great guy – I had the pleasure of working alongside him on the dock at ABF,” said Secretary-Treasurer Mike Cales. “If it wasn’t for Nick, this story could have had a very grim ending, but instead, the young man will have a chance to get the help he needs. In times like this, it’s especially important to realize that there is always help out there, and there are people out there who truly care. I’m proud to call myself a Teamster because of members like Nick who go above and beyond not just in their job, but to help others when help is needed more than ever.”

Brother Nunes is one of the many Teamster freight members who are on the front lines today, helping to ensure the goods our country needs to push through this pandemic get to where they need to be.

“People don’t realize what workers like Nick do day in and day out, and this pandemic has shown everyone just how important our industries are to keep our country moving forward,” said Cales. “When we get out of this, it will be crucial that everyone remembers everything the working class is doing now to help us through this crisis.”

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