Local 710 Enforces Four Split Week Vacation Benefit for ABF Dock Members

Teamsters Victorious at Grievance Committee Through Agent's Protest

MOKENA, IL | Teamsters Local 710 was victorious at the ABF Grievance Committee this month to reinstate a provision allowing dock members to split four weeks of vacation after the company reduced split week vacations to only three weeks. 

Business Agent Phil Reams filed an Agent’s Protest against the company for violating the 2013-2018 ABF Central Region Local Cartage Supplement Agreement, which allows dock workers to split four weeks of vacation.

The company’s position was that this agreement (a Memorandum of Understanding) was removed with the ratification of the new 2018-2023 National Master Freight Agreement. However, as stated in the Protest, the language change that the members voted on for the new NMFA stated that this MOU had “no change.”

This was a good win for our dock workers at ABF. Reducing the split week vacations to only three weeks was a violation of what the members voted on. The ability to split vacations into daily increments with a two-hour call off benefits everyone on the seniority list, and we need to ensure that benefit is fully and correctly enforced.

Phil Reams
Business Agent

Teamsters Local 710 represents approximately 290 dock members at ABF.

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