A Message from Secretary-Treasurer Michael J. Cales Regarding Railway & Industrial Services & Specialties

In this day and age, sadly, it’s often difficult for certain industries and businesses to grow and thrive. Economic hardships befall so many, and it’s often with little or no notice.

Unfortunately, our members at Railway and Industrial Services & Specialties have experienced just that.

Earlier this month, without warning, RISX informed their employees that they would be closing, effective immediately. These hardworking men came in to do their jobs as usual, not knowing this would happen. While we had heard the employer was experiencing some economic difficulties, we did not expect them to be closing their doors without informing the Union, and to do it so suddenly.

Business Agent Mike Ramirez has been constantly communicating directly with all the members to keep everyone up to speed on what is going on, and the Local is doing everything we can to help these men find new employment opportunities and access resources to help keep their lives and families afloat. We held a workshop of resources this past Monday at the Union hall, which included the Department of Commerce, Unemployment Benefits, and the Department of Labor, that nearly all of the members were able to attend. We are also working closely with legal and prepared to take any action against RISX necessary to ensure these members receive all compensation and benefits they are entitled to.

We ask that everyone keep our brothers and their families in your thoughts and prayers as they go through this difficult time.

In solidarity,

Michael J. Cales

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