Local 710 Wraps Up Disappointing Negotiations with DPI

Starbucks Distribution Teamsters Receive Insulting Offer from Employer

The bargaining committee for Teamsters Local 710 wrapped up negotiations yesterday with DPI Dedicated Logistics, whose members handle the delivery of products to Starbucks.

After several months of slow movement from the employer, the parties met briefly yesterday after DPI presented their final offer.

Yesterday’s bargaining session was downright insulting. These dedicated Teamsters put up with extremely high demands and expectations from their employer at an operation that runs literally seven days a week, 365 days a year – even Christmas day. The employer’s offer was a slap in the face.

John “Shaggy” Rule
Bargaining Chairman & Local 710 Recording Secretary

Teamsters Local 710 Representatives will be on site at all four DPI facilities throughout the next week to review all changes made to the contract and take a ratification vote, which will include a vote to strike.

“Obviously we are extremely disappointed by these turn of events,” said Secretary-Treasurer and Principal Officer Mike Cales. “The disrespect the employer has shown regarding the hard work and sacrifices of our members is appalling. Our members at DPI have the full support of the Local, and we will stand with them 100%.”

Local 710 represents nearly 250 drivers, warehouse workers and helpers who work out of four locations that service more than 900 Starbucks coffee shops in the Chicagoland, Indianapolis, Minneapolis, and St. Louis areas.

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