ABF: Driver (Inward) Facing Cameras



To: All ABF Freight Local Unions
From: Ernie Soelh, Co-Chairman, TNFINC and Teamsters National Freight Division Director
Date: May 8, 2019
RE: Driver (Inward) Facing Cameras-ABF

As you are likely aware, ABF advised TNFINC several weeks ago that it had already purchased, and was installing, new technology in the cabs of its vehicles that contains both outward and inward (driver) facing cameras. TNFINC immediately objected and requested information from the Company about the camera devices.

On April 25, 2019 representatives of TNFINC met with representatives of the Company to discuss the cameras. The Company also provided information about the purpose of the cameras and what the cameras could do and what they can’t do. At this meeting, TNFINC renewed its objection to the inward facing cameras. The parties did not reach an agreement and agreed to further discuss the matter.

On Thursday, May 2, the Company advised that it was going ahead with the installation of the new cameras. The cameras also will operate as the electronic logging device (ELD). Because of TNFINC’s objection, however, the Company is placing a cover (tape) over the inward facing camera and disabling that function for the time being. Furthermore, the company has confirmed that these new cameras do not record any audio.

We will continue to discuss this matter with the Company and seek to arrive at a resolution that both protects drivers’ privacy and work environment while at the same time promotes safety.

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