Local 710 UPS Teamsters Secure Impressive Tentative Agreement

Teamsters Push Through Long Sessions, Secure Strong Protections & Benefits

MOKENA, IL | After three marathon bargaining sessions and a handful of meetings this week, the Teamsters Local 710 Bargaining Committee for the Local’s UPS contract has reached a full tentative agreement with their employer.

I’m proud of what our committee accomplished at the bargaining table. We put a lot of pressure on UPS and were successful in securing strong protections and improved benefits for all of our Local 710 UPS members. We have solidified the fact to the company that 710 is a force to be reckoned with.

Mike Cales
Local 710 Principal Officer

Negotiations were moving slowly for months, so Local 710 pulled the extension agreement, making it expire right before the height of peak season. That motivated the Company to finally make significant movement to reach an agreement.

The entire negotiating committee worked diligently to craft strengthened language throughout the entire contract, and they have unanimously voted to endorse this contract and bring it to the membership for a vote.

This committee did a hell of a job. Between long hours and disappointing responses from UPS, this committee has stood together for the members. Everyone spoke their mind and spoke for the members. We held the company’s feet to the fire and it shows in what we’ve accomplished.

Del Schaefer
Local 710 President

The full tentative agreement includes:

  • $4.15 wage increases over the life of the contract, plus additional increases for Part Timers currently making less than $13.00/hour
  • No forced 70-hour workweeks for the top 90% of Package Car Drivers (shall be offered on a volunteer basis to be paid at double time)
  • Extra optional day, plus a higher percentage of members may use an optional day on a given day
  • Unlimited bidding for Package and Feeder Drivers
  • Strong improvements to subcontracting language
  • Defined protections for 25.13 Combination Drivers and Regular Package Car Drivers as a result of the new classification
  • Split vacation week for Part Timers after eight years
  • More contributions to the Local 710 Pension Fund (by end of the agreement, UPS will be contributing nearly $600.00 per week per full time employee)
  • Increases to part time pension contributions
  • Improved protections for eight-hour requests
  • Strengthened 9.5 language
  • 100 new Sleeper Driver positions over the life of the agreement
  • Increased percentages of members within a classification who can be off on vacation (17% from the Monday after Easter up to and including the week of Labor Day; 12% during the remaining months, excluding peak)
  • Hourly premium of $1.00/hour for Hazmat Responders
  • Increased tool allowance for Mechanics (now $1,800.00 over the life of the agreement for an increase of $800.00)
  • Wage increases for both inside ($17.25/hour) and outside helpers ($13.00/hour)
  • Package Car Drivers to be allowed to wear hoodies under uniforms
  • Ability for part time employees to work additional hours
  • Privacy in the event of an accident or injury
  • Peak set to end on January 15th instead of the 2nd full week in January
  • Ability to have copies of ODS messages sent over DIAD

Local 710 will provide updates to all 710 UPS members as contract review meetings are scheduled and summary documents are made available prior to voting. Visit us at Teamsters710.com or follow us on Facebook for the latest updates.

Teamsters Local 710 UPS Bargaining Committee

Del Schaefer, President & Bargaining Chairman
Mike Cales, Secretary-Treasurer & Principal Officer
Ron Dillon, Vice President & Business Agent
Neil McKinney, Business Agent
Simon McNamara, Business Agent
Anthony Lamy, Business Agent
Bob Downey, Trustee & UPS Centralia Steward
Mike Sanchez, Trustee & UPS Davenport Steward
Tim Bulak, UPS Peru Steward
Kevin Cox, UPS Huntingburg Steward
Randy Fuller, UPS Kokomo Steward
Mike Lonero, UPS CACH Steward
Greg Mazur, UPS Hammond Steward
Rhonda Myers, UPS Rockford Steward
Jerry Pauli, UPS Evansville Steward
Darren Scroggin, UPS Layfayette Steward
John Seidel, UPS Peoria Steward
Staci Swenson, UPS Fort Wayne Steward
Wayne Kubacik, UPS Addison Steward (now retired)

Teamsters Local 710 represents more than 13,000 members across the Midwest, including Illinois, Indiana and Iowa, and is an affiliate of Teamsters Joint Council 25 and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters.

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