Local 710 Moves Forward with Negotiations for ITS Harvey and 103rd Street Ramps

New Teamsters Make Significant Progress Towards First Contracts

The Local 710 Bargaining Committees for the rail workers at the ITS Harvey and 103rd Street ramps are working hard to secure their first Teamster contracts.

Both ramps have been making significant progress at the table, and have reached tentative agreements on nearly all non-economic issues, and movement has been made on economic issues as well.

“We’re moving quicker than I expected, and we’re moving in the right direction,” said Brodie O’Connor, a 10-year employee at the Harvey Ramp.

Some of the biggest issues came from scheduling; Teamsters at both ramps successfully secured regular five-by-eight bids. Without a contract, employees never knew exactly when they were working, and they were stuck on 12-hour shifts. Other large issues include health insurance costs and overtime.

“We’ve been hearing the same issues across the country at these non-union rail yards,” said Secretary-Treasurer Mike Cales. “We are fighting alongside these hardworking men and women to get their voices heard.”

ITS Harvey is made up of more than 130 rail workers, and the 103rd Street group has nearly 60 workers. Both groups voted overwhelmingly to join the Union.

Teamsters Local 710 represents more than 12,500 members across the Midwest and is an affiliate of Teamsters Joint Council 25, America’s premier labor union for Chicago, Illinois and northwest Indiana.

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