Teamsters Make Further Progress During Third Round of UPS Contract Negotiations

(via UPS Rising) The Teamsters National UPS Negotiating Committee continued to make progress on a variety of issues as the third round of contract negotiations with UPS and UPS Freight wrapped up today.

“We made further progress on a number of non-economic issues,” said Denis Taylor, Director of the Teamsters Package Division and Co-Chairman of the Teamsters National UPS Negotiating Committee. “We look forward to more progress when we resume negotiations next week.”

Among other issues, the following were on the table this week:

  • Article 12, Polygraph/Timeclocks; dealing with members’ rights to receive copies of ODS messages;
  • Article 17, Paid For Time; dealing with members’ ability to review hours and rates of pay as well as confirmation and identification of grievance payments;
  • The Committee Introduced a proposal dealing with Hours of Service for Package Drivers;
  • The Committee made further progress on Article 37, Section 1A, Harassment.
  • The Committee continued its discussion on the work week; a supplemental issue that the National Committee is coordinating.

In addition, subcommittees continued to meet in conjunction with the National Committee dealing with topics such as Leave of Absence, Temporary Alternate Work, and the Hazardous Materials Handling Program.

“At UPS Freight negotiations, the union committee continued to make progress on several issues, including CDL training and grievance procedures,” said Kris Taylor, Co-Chair of the Teamsters National UPS Freight Negotiating Committee.

The next round of negotiations will take place Feb. 26-March 1.

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