Your Newly Elected Teamsters Local 710 Executive Board and Business Agents

Brothers and Sisters of Teamsters Local 710,

The members of Local 710 have taken another important step forward in returning local union control to the members. The newly elected officers will take office on January 1, 2018, bringing the Trusteeship to a close at that time. Your newly elected Local 710 Executive Board members and Business Agents are:

Mike Cales, Secretary-Treasurer
Del Schaefer, President
Ron Dillon, Vice President
John “Shaggy” Rule, Recording Secretary
Bob Downey, Trustee
Mike Sanchez, Trustee
Phil Reams, Trustee
Simon McNamara, Business Agent
Neil McKinney, Business Agent
Dick Bartolo, Business Agent
Ted Barhart, Business Agent

I want to congratulate all candidates who ran in this election and to thank all of the members who voted.

By working together, Local 710 leaders and members will set the standard for wages, health care and retirement security for current and future members.


Thomas N. Conelias
Teamsters Local 710

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