Local 710 Progresses Through Negotiations with AWC

Vehicle Transport Teamsters Fight for Improved Working Conditions

The Teamsters Local 710 Bargaining Committee for Auto Warehousing Company (AWC), formerly known as Translogix, met with the company over the last couple weeks to negotiate a new contract. The current collective bargaining agreement expires on October 31, 2017.

Over the course of several bargaining sessions, the employer and the Teamsters worked diligently through numerous non-economic proposals on many issues, including scheduling, the grievance procedure and increased rights for supplemental employees.

The last session ended with Local 710 presenting its economic proposals, as the parties had reached a tentative agreement on most non-economic issues. Any open issues are being further evaluated ahead of the next meetings in order to focus primarily on economics.

We’re making good progress. Our three rank-and-file committee members are doing a phenomenal job of bringing the voice of the entire membership to the table and shedding light on specific issues in the workplace.

Bernie Sherlock
Local 710 Business Agent

Negotiations are scheduled to resume on September 12. If any Teamster member at AWC has any questions or concerns, please contact a member of the Local 710 Bargaining Committee:

  • Anthony Lamy, Business Agent
  • Bernie Sherlock, Business Agent
  • Don Walker, Union Steward
  • Barry Seals, Union Steward
  • Malaah Shaheeq, Union Steward

Teamsters Local 710 is an affiliate of Teamsters Joint Council 25, America’s premier labor union for Chicago, Illinois and Indiana.

AWC Local 710 Business Agent

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