Local 710 UPS Teamsters Stand Strong Against 9.5 Issue

Business Agents, Members Fight to Protect Workers, Enforce Local Contract

Teamsters Local 710 UPS Belleville Members with Business Agent Del Schaefer

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Teamsters Local 710 business agents and members are standing strong against continued contract violations regarding assignments of excessive overtime at several UPS buildings: The 9.5 issue.

Members are repeatedly being assigned to work nine-and-one-half hours or more on at least three of five days they are scheduled to work. Typically, the company does not ask the members if they want overtime — the hours are assigned and demanded by management.

One of the biggest offenders of this issue is UPS Belleville, where Local 710 Business Agent Del Schaefer has been receiving at least three to four grievances per day. More than half of the Teamster members at that building have filed a 9.5 grievance, with many being assigned up to 25 hours in overtime each week.

“We’ve had it. We are done with this blatant disregard for our contract,” said Schaefer. “Many of our members aren’t getting home until 10:30 at night, and they need some relief. If UPS won’t work with the Teamsters to fix the issue, we will start picket lines at buildings if we have to.”

The Local 710 UPS contract has some of the strongest language in the country regarding the 9.5 issue. Currently, UPS pays out the grievances filed at triple time and has yet to address the underlying issues. Schaefer has reached out to the UPS panel chair and will continue up the chain of command until a solution is reached.

“UPS is not concerned with the hours our members are working. UPS is only concerned whether some routes are hitting enough stops per car, and they aren’t hiring more drivers,” said Schaefer. “We will push this issue as far as it needs to go, and that could mean a work stoppage.”

If you are a Local 710 UPS member experiencing this issue or something similar, please contact your Business Agent today:

Ron Dillon

Ron Dillon

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Bourbon, CACH*, Elkhart, Fort Wayne, Hammond, Kankakee, Kokomo, Lafayette, South Bend, Tri City, Waterloo

Neil McKinney

Neil McKinney

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Centralia, Crawfordsville, Danville, Decatur, Evansville, Huntingburg, Marion, Mattoon, Olney, Terre Haute, Urbana, Washington

Simon McNamara

Simon McNamara

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Addison, Dekalb, Freeport, Jeff Street, Joliet, Palatine, Peru, Rock Falls, Rockford

Del Schaefer

Del Schaefer

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Alton, Belleville, Bloomington, Davenport, Galesburg, Jacksonville, Peoria, Quincy, Rock Island, Springfield

*UPS CACH is serviced by Local 710 Business Agents Anthony Lamy (email) and Mike Ramirez (email), and overseen by Ron Dillon.

Teamsters Local 710 is an affiliate of Teamsters Joint Council 25, America’s premier labor union for Chicago, Illinois and Indiana.

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