Statement Regarding the Change of Operations at Rockford UPS Hub

We are outraged that UPS has chosen to ignore the Local 710 contract with regard to the dovetailing of the seniority list in Rockford. We ensure our members that we will fight to protect their seniority.

We welcome the former Local 90 members, but we believe the language in our contract is clear. They would go to the bottom of the seniority list and not be placed throughout it based on their years with the company.

We believe this is a blatant violation of your seniority under the Local 710 contract, and we will defend the rights of every brother and sister in Rockford.

We have filed a class action grievance plus a labor board charge with the National Labor Relations Board. We will keep you updated as these both move forward.

In solidarity,
Your Local 710 UPS Team 

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