Statement from Trustee Thomas N. Conelias

General President Hoffa Appoints Conelias as Trustee of Teamsters Local 710

Brothers and Sisters of Local 710:

In accordance with the attached letters from Teamsters General President James P. Hoffa and Teamsters Joint Council 25 President John T. Coli, I was honored to be named the Trustee of Teamsters Local 710 on Wednesday, June 21.

I pledge to all Local 710 members that until a democratic election is conducted this fall and a new Executive Board of officers sworn in, I will faithfully serve the local union in my new role as best as I possibly can.

At the General President’s direction, Brother Coli served Local 710 as Trustee for nearly three years and should be proud of so many accomplishments in that time to try to return the union to sound financial footing and organizational administration. As is very clear in his attached letter, many tough decisions had to be made following the removal of the prior administration. Having worked alongside him for months, I can personally attest to Brother Coli’s commitment to repair Local 710, invest in the future and return the union to the membership.

Brother Coli remains the President of Joint Council 25, the regional body representing 26 Teamster local unions, including Local 710. In addition to being a service-provider for these unions, Joint Council 25 first and foremost is an appellate body whose elected Executive Board considers jurisdictional and electoral challenges between the locals on a regular basis.

Following the General President’s decision to finalize Local 710’s trusteeship and initiate the nomination of officers and election process in September, it was necessary for Brother Coli to resign at this time from his role as Trustee of Local 710 in order to avoid any potential conflicts involving the Joint Council.

I would like to thank Brother Coli for his vision, his leadership and his commitment to the membership of Local 710 and its staff. Thanks to his efforts during the past three years, Local 710 will finally and rightfully be returned to the members in the coming months in far better shape than Brother Coli found it. Let us remain unified in our goal for a prosperous Local 710 and an everlasting International Brotherhood of Teamsters.

Fraternally yours,

Thomas N. Conelias

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Letters Regarding the Trustee of Local 710

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