Forty-Year UPS Package Car Driver Takes Job ‘One Stop at a Time’

Local 710 Teamster Honored for Years of Service at Joliet Barn

It takes an impressive level of skill and dedication to drive one of the nation’s most recognizable trucks — making deliveries day-in and day-out to residences and businesses all around town. Teamsters Local 710 member Tom Winke has been doing just that for a remarkable four decades as a UPS Package Car Driver.

On the morning of Good Friday, surrounded by his family, friends and union brothers and sisters, Winke was recognized for his 40 years of service. During the morning’s warm-up routine, he gave an inspirational speech reflecting on his time at UPS.

‘One stop at a time.’ I live by this every day, and say it to my fellow drivers all the time. The UPS shield is something that’s viewed as credible, top notch, reliable. I’m proud to wear that shield, and I’m proud to be a Local 710 Teamster.

Tom Winke
40-Year UPS Teamster

Also in attendance was Senator Pat McGuire, D-Ill., who has been close friends with Winke since they met in high school. Sen. McGuire honored Winke’s commitment and dedication with a certificate of Senate Recognition for his service at UPS.

Forty years at UPS is no easy feat. It takes an incredible amount of responsibility to drive those package cars, and Tom clearly has an impressive grasp on all that comes with it. He’s a great role model and inspiration to the 710 UPSers at Joliet and throughout our union.

Ron Dillon
Local 710 Business Agent

Local 710 represents nearly 150 UPS members working out of the Joliet barn, and more than 6,000 UPS members across three states at 44 locations.

Teamsters Local 710 is an affiliate of Teamsters Joint Council 25, America’s premier labor union for Chicago, Illinois and Indiana.

Local 710 Business Agent at UPS Joliet

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