Notice from General President James P. Hoffa Regarding Trusteeship

To: Members of Local Union 710
Mokena, Illinois

As you know, the International Union conducted a hearing on April 30, 2017 to afford you the opportunity to express your views as to whether the trusteeship should be continued or dissolved. A detailed presentation was made on behalf of the Trustee, which focused on the financial condition of the Local and the prospects for restoring the Local to financial stability. Many members attended and most expressed the view that, regardless of the finances, the Local should be released from trusteeship and the members and newly elected officers given the opportunity to address the continuing concerns. Hundreds of members submitted written statements and petitions expressing their opinions as to the future of the Local. Again, most of those favored terminating the trusteeship. I appreciate that so many of you participated in the process and assure you that your voices were carefully considered.

The panel members have submitted a report and recommendation based upon all of this information. I have reviewed the transcript of the hearing and the exhibits presented, which document not only the financial situation but also the reforms implemented during the trusteeship to assist the Local in its recovery and provide safeguards designed to prevent the abuses that led to the trusteeship from reoccurring.

The panel recommended that an election be scheduled in September 2017 to elect new officers. The panel suggested that such a schedule will provide ample time for members to form political slates, engage in democratic organizational activities and prepare for an election. It will also afford the Trustee time to address the most pressing issues in an orderly fashion. It is anticipated that once the election results have been certified, there will be a post-election transition period during which the new officers will receive training while assuming full responsibility for running the Local. The trusteeship will be terminated upon the installation of the new officers. Finally, the panel proposed that regardless of the identity of the new officers, an International Representative be appointed to provide assistance and guidance.

I have decided to accept the panel’s recommendations. Accordingly, over the next few months the Trustee will be arranging for an election of officers to be conducted in the fall. It is anticipated that a nomination meeting will be conducted during September and an election in October 2017. Additional information and notices will be distributed as those arrangements are finalized.

I have made this decision with the realization that the Local remains in a difficult financial situation, but with confidence that the structural reforms implemented by the Trustee will facilitate the Local’s recovery. Your continued cooperation with the Trustee as the election arrangements are made and the election is conducted will also contribute to the welfare of the Local.

Fraternally yours,

James P. Hoffa
General President

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