Management Trustees Selfishly Deadlock YRC Clerical Pension Benefit Credit Matter

Teamsters Local 710 Union Trustees Continue to Fight for Pensions

At the meeting of the Trustees to the Teamsters Local 710 Pension Fund Tuesday, the Union Trustees made a motion to provide benefit credit to YRC Clerical members equal to contributions that the former trustees redirected for the period of 2011-2013.

The Management Trustees voted against providing this benefit, thus deadlocking the issue.

Contributions made in connection to YRC Clerical work from 2011-2013 were used to pay down an outstanding delinquency YRC had built up in 2009. When the Union Trustees first reviewed this issue in 2015, YRC showed absolutely no interest in having those contributions redirected to the benefit of the members, which would have increased its 2009 delinquency balance again.

Instead of paying rightfully owed pension benefits to the participants, the Management Trustees wish to reinstate compensation for trustees to attend meetings. This was the practice prior to trusteeship, but Local 710 Trustee John T. Coli had put a stop to that immediately when he took his position as a Trustee and Chairman to the Local Funds. The Management Trustees also have refused to support employer contribution increases to the Pension Fund allowed for in ABF and YRC’s contracts.

Not only is this benefit credit something that the Plan can afford, but it is the right thing to do for the participants. The Management Trustees instead had the audacity to want to pay for Trustees to attend meetings as they had done in the past, thinking that would be a better use of the money that rightfully belongs to the participants.

The Union Trustees will continue to fight for our members’ pensions, not some inappropriate pay for management stooges.

John T. Coli
Local 710 Trustee

The deadlocked matter will proceed to arbitration.

Teamsters Local 710 is an affiliate of Teamsters Joint Council 25, America’s premier labor union for Chicago, Illinois and Indiana.

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