Local 710 UPS Informational Meeting Brings Members Together

Southern Illinois Teamsters Gather To Discuss Contract

Teamsters Local 710 UPS Business Agents Del Schaefer and Simon McNamara ran an informational meeting to go over various pieces of the current UPS contract. The meeting was held in Springfield, Ill., and was very well attended. Southern Illinois Local 710 UPS members gathered together to get answers on questions regarding the contract.

Schaefer and McNamara discussed a wide variety of topics including 9.5 issues, eight-hour requests and what to do if supervisors are seen performing bargaining unit work.

This info session was phenomenal. Del and Simon explained our rights under the contract that the company violates daily. They gave us scenarios that have happened at different centers and how we are to approach them in our own buildings. They answered every single question that was thrown their way.

The solidarity and the feeling of being part of something much bigger were easily noticed throughout the session.

I can’t wait for the next one, wherever it may be. I wouldn’t miss it for anything.

John Seidel
UPS Peoria Steward & Attendee

The UPS agents were joined by Local 710 Business Agents Ted Barnhart, Mike Cales and John “Shaggy” Rule. “Del did a great job running the meeting,” said Barnhart. “I look forward to more meetings like this – we’re stronger together as a team, and sessions like this show what it means to be a Teamster.”

Local 710 Business Agent Simon McNamara also commented on the participation at the meeting:

The members made it clear that they are extremely interested and invested in the local

and that they value the representation we provide. It was easy to see just how much of a family we all are together. To see so many members and stewards come together on a beautiful Saturday shows just how dedicated 710 members are.

Simon McNamara
Local 710 Business Agent

Planning for future information meetings is underway, and the details will be posted to Teamsters710.com and on bulletin boards. Questions may be directed to any of the Local 710 agents organizing the meetings:

Del Schaefer

Del Schaefer

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Simon McNamara

Simon McNamara

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Mike Cales

Mike Cales

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Ted Barnhart

Ted Barnhart

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John Shaggy Rule

John “Shaggy” Rule

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Teamsters Local 710 is an affiliate of Teamsters Joint Council 25, America’s premier labor union for Illinois, Indiana and Iowa.

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