Local 710 Business Agents Show Solidarity at Davenport UPS Facility

Teamsters Stand Together to Address Issues, Increase Union Strength

Teamsters Local 710 UPS Business Agents Del Schaefer, Ron Dillon and Simon McNamara have been busy building solidarity and addressing workplace issues at the Davenport UPS facility in Iowa.

The agents held multiple meetings with members to work through issues at the worksite, including members’ problems getting eight-hour requests to difficulties with management. The sessions were well-received and extremely productive.

We wanted to bring the members together and show solidarity in the face of difficult situations in the workplace. As agents, we now have a better understanding of the issues at Davenport and are already seeing a growing strength among the members to have their voices heard.

We know the company sees Local 710’s strength, too.

Del Schaefer
Local 710 Business Agent

The agents also worked hard during Davenport’s two-day marathon local level hearing earlier in June. Five members were reinstated, and the union won numerous pay claims as well.

With Iowa being a ‘right-to-work (for less)’ state, showing our Teamster solidarity is extremely important to keep the labor movement strong. Our Local 710 team is working diligently to ensure that we understand the issues our Davenport UPSers have. The Teamsters will continue to fight against the fallacy that is ‘right-to-work’ at this facility and all workplaces across the country.

John T. Coli
Trustee of Local 710

Local 710 represents more than 435 UPS drivers, loaders and other Teamsters at the Davenport facility. The local represents thousands of UPS members in Iowa and Indiana, both right-to-work states, along with thousands more in Illinois.

Teamsters Local 710 is an affiliate of Teamsters Joint Council 25, America’s premier labor union for Illinois, Indiana and Iowa.

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