UPS Dues Frequently Asked Questions

Recently, the way dues are handled for UPS has changed, which has resulted in changes to some members’ weekly dues. Here are some frequently asked questions for those UPS members affected by the change:

Why haven’t dues been coming out of my paycheck?

If you haven’t been charged for dues lately, that means you are ahead in your dues payments. Dues will begin to come out of your paychecks once you are back up to date for dues owed.

Will I get hit at some point for all the dues that haven’t been coming out of my checks?

No, because you have been ahead of your dues payments. Once you are caught up, your regular dues will be taken out each week.

Why have additional dues been coming out of my paycheck?

If you are behind in dues, additional dues are being taken out of your paycheck to get you caught up. These are being taken out at a rate that is double your weekly deduction rate. Once you are caught up, you will go back to your regular weekly dues rate coming out of your paycheck.

When will everything go back to normal?

It will all depend on how far ahead or behind you are. Keep an eye on your paystubs. If you still have a discrepancy after you believe you are up to date on your dues, or if you have any additional questions regarding your dues, please contact the Local 710 Union Hall at (773) 254-3200 to speak to a TITAN Operator.

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