Negotiations Continue for Southern Wine and Spirits Contract

Local 710 Bargaining Committee Stands Firm for Members

The Local 710 Bargaining Committee met today for over five hours, and Southern Wine and Spirits responded that they will need to contact the corporate headquarters in order to make any final decisions for the outstanding issues.

The following items have been agreed upon:

  • For the DOT physical, employees may use the employer’s designated network at no cost, but employees may go to their own clinic at their own cost.
  • Employer withdrew their proposals to increase case loads for helper incentives. It will remain as the current contract language with the addition of receiving a $50 helper incentive for loads over 425 unpalletized cases.
  • Rockford maintains the vacation route driver.

The following are still outstanding:

  • Union proposal for 25 minutes for pre-trip departure time.
  • Union proposal for employees who do not pass their DOT physicals be give six months as a helper at helper pay while they resolve medical issues. Employer countered with only holding their job and seniority for 13 months.
  • $1 per hour increase for health, welfare and pension benefits per year.
  • Union proposal for a $0.50 per hour wage increase for all employees with the exception of a $0.75 per hour wage increase for downstate employees. The employer countered with no closure for wage disparity for downstate employees.
  • Union proposal to match warehouse productivity variable pay in addition to regular contract wage increases.
  • Union proposal for a three-year agreement; employer proposal of a four-year agreement.

The employer’s refusal to close the wage disparity between downstate and Rockford/Bolingbrook employees is disappointing and discouraging.

“I think the entire bargaining committee has done an excellent job throughout these negotiations in representing the entire membership,” said John T. Coli, Trustee of Local 710. “We have dug our heels in and will continue to work to set a new trend with this contract for any future contracts.”

Scheduling for future bargaining sessions is in progress. Any outstanding questions may be directed to any member of the bargaining committee or Business Agent, Bernie Sherlock, at (733) 254-3200.

Bargaining Committee:

  • David Baker, Rockford
  • Danny Castillo, Bolingbrook
  • Jesse DeForest, Mount Vernon
  • Dan Dougherty, Bolingbrook
  • Guillermo Garrido, Bolingbrook
  • Jeff Mellon, Bolingbrook
  • Juan Rios, Bolingbrook
  • Kevin Smyth, Bolingbrook
  • Gabe Stephan, Bolingbrook
  • Kenny VanDorn, Springfield

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