Local 710 Begins Southern Wine Contract Negotiations

Teamsters Local 710 representatives began new contract negotiations with Southern Wine and Spirits on June 22. Both sides reviewed the current status of proposals since previous negotiation sessions. Local 710 had requested that bargaining begin anew after compiling up-to-date proposals from the Southern Wine membership. At Monday’s meeting, the Teamsters presented a list of non-economic proposals.

Negotiations will resume on Monday, July 20. Local 710 is seeking to schedule additional dates in July. Any outstanding questions should be directed to Bernie Sherlock at (773) 254-3200 or any member of the bargaining committee.

Bargaining Committee

  • Daniel Castillo
  • Guillermo Garrido
  • Don Dougherty
  • Juan Rios
  • David Baker
  • Kenny VanDorn
  • Gabe Stephan

Members at Southern Wine will be provided updates as negotiations progress at Local 710.

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