Local 710 UPS Drivers Recognized as Circle of Honor Members

Hammond Teamsters Honored for 25+ Years of Safe Driving

photo_ups-safe-driver-01Five Local 710 Teamsters who work as UPS drivers out of the Hammond, Ind. facility were recognized for their dedication to safety as a part of the UPS Circle of Honor at the end of April. This elite group of drivers has reached at least 25 years of safe driving without an auto crash.

photo_ups-circle-of-honor-01Calvin Cruse was inducted into the UPS Circle of Honor and received a 25-year patch to wear on his uniform sleeve, plus a plaque and jacket to honor his commitment to safety. Ronald Raduski, Michael Knight, John Devine, and Kurt Mandernach have all previously earned their 25-year patches and have continued to maintain their safe driving. They received a certificate honoring their continued dedication. All five Circle of Honor members were presented with these prestigious awards by U.S. Congressman Pete Viscloskey and Center Manager Keven Majewski.

“This is quite an accomplishment for these drivers,” said UPS Business Agent Ron Dillon. “Driving a delivery truck or tractor trailer are some of the hardest things in the world to do. To drive under all kinds of conditions in all kinds of different areas and still maintain the highest attention to safety is really a great achievement.”

UPS employs over 100,000 drivers across the globe. They drive over a total of 3 billion miles every year and only see less than one accident for every million miles logged.

Congratulations to our hardworking members!

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