UPS Delivery Driver Rescues Man Who Jumped in Rock River

Local 710 Member Goes In River, Finishes Route Afterwards

Jeff Hermansen, UPS Package Delivery Driver

Jeff Hermansen, UPS Package Delivery Driver

Teamsters Local 710 UPS Package Delivery Driver Jeff Hermansen put his own life at risk to save a man who had jumped in the Rock River around 12:45 yesterday afternoon.

While on his delivery route, Hermansen heard the squeal of tires and joined a truck driver who had stopped on a bridge. They looked over and saw a man in the river. Hermansen quickly opted against a dangerous jump off the bridge and ran down the embankment, kicked off his shoes, and jumped in the river after him. Hermansen kept the man upright and got him to shore, where police and rescue services had arrived at the scene, ready to help.

“The Rock River is very dangerous this time of year,” said UPS Business Agent Simon McNamara. “That water is cold and there’s a strong current. Still, Jeff didn’t hesitate to save a guy he didn’t even know. Afterwards, all he worried about was making sure he would get to his son’s baseball game on time.”

When offered treatment and a blanket from rescue workers, Hermansen declined, saying that he needed to get back and finish his route. Someone brought him dry clothes once he got back on his route. Hermansen still managed to make it to the ball game.

Local 710 member Jeff Hermansen has been a UPS Package Delivery Driver for 15 years out of the Rockford, Ill. facility.

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