Local 710 Bargaining Committee Continues Preparations for Southern Wine Negotiations

The Teamsters Local 710 bargaining committee for Southern Wine & Spirits met Monday, May 4, 2015 from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. to discuss presentations at upcoming negotiations for the new Teamster contract.

The committee met a few weeks ago to work through a number of issues and contract proposal recommendations based on feedback and survey results from the membership. At this meeting, they continued to address those issues, focusing on refining the language regarding:

  • Drivers’ Routes
  • Keys to success
  • Discipline
  • Temporary Drivers
  • Helpers

The bargaining committee will be presenting each issue in the contract proposal, supported by examples of the problem and proposed solutions.

Rank-and-file members Gabe Stephan, David Baker, Daniel Castillo, Dan Dougherty, Guillermo Garrido, Jeff Mellon, and Kevin Smyth worked diligently with Illinois Advocates Attorney John Magna to prepare for upcoming contract negotiations.

Local 710 Trustee John T. Coli will be reaching out to Southern Wine and Spirits to schedule dates for the upcoming negotiations. “Now that our committee is nearing completion of their proposal, it’s of the utmost importance to begin negotiations as soon as possible so these hardworking distribution drivers can have the strong Teamster contract they deserve.”

Members at Southern Wine will be provided updates as negotiations progress at Local 710.

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