Letter Regarding Local 710 UPS Membership in Indiana

Re: Teamsters Local 710 UPS Membership, Indiana

To All Local 710 Members:

On March 4, Teamsters Joint Council 69 President Danny Barton of Indianapolis sent a letter to Teamsters General President James P. Hoffa demanding that UPS members who work in Indiana and are represented by Teamsters Local 710 be transferred into Teamsters Local 135, Teamsters Local 364 or Teamsters Local 414, based on the geography of workers’ respective UPS facilities.

Brother Barton has a right under the Teamsters International Constitution to request hearing on a jurisdictional transfer. As the Trustee of Local 710, I guarantee you Local 710 will fight this claim. I will do absolutely everything in my power to make sure Local 710 UPS Teamsters will remain Local 710 Teamsters.

Since Local 710 entered trusteeship last year, your representatives successfully negotiated a new five-year contract for more than 6,000 UPS members. We have improved communications across the board, including online updates and print newsletters, and we’ve recommitted ourselves to your service by hiring five UPS business agents from the bargaining unit. As I will continue to do as your Trustee, your new agents Ron Dillon, Del Schaefer, Dennis Morse, Simon McNamara and Mike Lonero are standing tall to fight for you and protect your rights as Local 710 members.

For more than 100 years, Local 710 proudly has represented workers in the transportation industry, and for decades has established independent, powerful contracts for our UPS members. Whatever challenges Local 710 has overcome in the past or may face in the future will have no bearing on the fact that Local 710 will represent our UPS members in Indiana, Illinois and Iowa without pause, delay or hesitation.


John T. Coli

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