Yellow Freight Bankruptcy FAQs & Proof of Claim Form

Despite billions in bailouts and concessions, Yellow shut its doors on July 30, 2022, and it filed for bankruptcy on August 6, 2023. Yellow’s closure has resulted in job losses for hundreds of Local 710 members, and thousands of Teamsters nationally. The loss of a job is not just a loss of income; it is often the loss of an identity. For these losses, please accept our deepest sympathies.

Although you may have lost your position at Yellow, you have not lost your Union brothers’ and sisters’ solidarity. While we cannot undo the damage Yellow caused, we can keep you informed and, to the extent possible, help you try to get paid for what you are owed. That is why we have created this FAQ.              

Importantly, we recommend that all Yellow employees fill out a Bankruptcy Proof of Claim. This Proof of Claim is your statement to the Bankruptcy Court that Yellow owes you money. The Bankruptcy Court reviews these claims, and if there are sufficient assets left after Yellow’s secured debts are paid, then these claims get processed.

Your Proof of Claim should include any under-payment of wages, including Yellow’s failure to pay any final paycheck, accrued vacation, grievance award, or other amount that you believe Yellow owes you. In addition, we recommend your Proof of Claim include the sixty-day WARN Act notice that Yellow failed to give you and other affected employees. If you need help filling out your Proof of Claim, please contact the Union Hall.

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What will happen to my pension?

Employees who are vested will still be entitled to a pension benefit in accordance with the Pension Plan’s terms. The benefit amount is based upon your pension credits and employer contributions. Please contact the Fund Office for information about if and when you can retire.  

What will happen to my health insurance?

Your health insurance coverage will end 23:59 on August 26, 2023. After your coverage ends, you will receive a packet from the Fund Office about continuing coverage under COBRA. You will have at least 60 days from when the packet is sent to you to return your election form if you want to elect COBRA. Please call the Fund Office if you have any questions about COBRA.  

What is the Local doing to help?

The Local will help members fill out their Bankruptcy Proofs of Claim against Yellow, and it has created a list of Union shops that are hiring. You can find this list at The International Union also has created a list that can be found at:  

Are Local 710 shops hiring?

Yes. Local 710 has compiled a list of shops that are hiring. You can find this list at The International Union also has created a list that can be found at:    

Why did Yellow go bankrupt?

Your guess is as good as ours. One thing we know is that Yellow employees and the Union did not cause the bankruptcy. Yellow employees are industry professionals who are suffering the worst effects of the Company’s mismanagement. And without concessions and political support from the Teamsters, Yellow would have shut its doors years ago.  

What if I cannot get a Union job?

Then make your new job a Union job. Call Local 710 Organizer Mike Lloyd at (815) 354-7669.  

Should I get a withdrawal card?

When members leave the craft, they need to inform the Union so that the Local stops assessing dues. Taking a withdrawal card stops the assessment, and it allows members to avoid initiation fees at other Teamster shops.  

How do I get a withdrawal card?

Use the online form at  

Do I have to take a withdrawal card?

Members who are seeking work in the craft may continue paying dues for up to six (6) months. Please call the Dues Department (773) 254-3200 to coordinate payment.  

Why should I fill out a Bankruptcy Proof of Claim?

Because you have nothing to lose except a chance at getting some or all of the money Yellow owed you when it shut its doors. If you do not file a Proof of Claim, the Bankruptcy Court will distribute any money available only to those who do file.  

What should be in the Proof of Claim?

You should list any wages, vacation pay, grievance payouts, and other amounts Yellow owed you when its ceased operations. Members also should claim 60 days of pay for the Company’s failure to give notice of its shutdown under the WARN Act.  

Will I get everything I put on the Proof of Claim?

Probably not, but you might get some of your claims paid. Bankruptcy has very strict rules regarding who gets paid first. “Secured” debts are paid first. Secured debts are similar to mortgages. They are loans that are “secured” by collateral, which is another name for property. If secured debt is not paid, then the lender gets the collateral, just like if a mortgage is not paid, the bank gets the home. “Unsecured” debts are amounts owed without being secured by property, like wages and fringe benefits. Unsecured debts get paid only after all secured debts are paid.   

Who can help me fill out a Proof of Claim?

Filling out a claim is simple. Feel free to call your Business Agent for assistance.
Phil Reams:                                      (815) 922-6135
Mike “Stump” Halvorson:                (708) 516-3777  

Download Proof of Claim Form »

Where should I go to file an unemployment claim?

You can use the following website to file an unemployment claim:

I can’t access my Oracle account – How do I login?

with the following format:

Uppercase First Initial + Uppercase Last Initial + @ + Last 3 numbers of your SSN + 4-digit birth year

Example: JD@1231980

If you have any questions we have not answered, please call the Union Hall at (773) 254-3200.

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