Teamsters UPS Negotiations Collapse

Local 710 Reached a Tentative Agreement on Non-Economics Sunday, Company Walked Away from the National Table Wednesday

WASHINGTON, DC | As reported early Wednesday morning by the Teamsters International, UPS failed to deliver an economic proposal at the national bargaining table that addresses the needs of more than 340,000 Teamsters across the country. As it stands right now, no additional bargaining dates have been scheduled – both for Local 710 and nationally.

“We saw firsthand at our own bargaining table how this company likes to play games, and we are not standing for it – not at 710 and not at any Teamster organization,” said 710 Bargaining Chairman and President Del Schaefer. “UPS raked in more than $100 billion last year alone. They should be able to sharpen their pencils and figure out how to come up with a package that recognizes the Teamsters that make them so profitable year after year – and they need to do it right now.”

Local 710 reached a strong agreement on all non-economic issues in its own white paper contract on Sunday. Full details will be reported to the members once an economic package is completed at the national bargaining table. The Local 710 UPS Work Rules Committee met today to review tentative agreements and open items for future Work Rules negotiations.

“We secured solid improvements across the board for all our UPSers in our contract, but the Company needs to get their act together and quit dragging their feet on the economics,” said 710 Secretary-Treasurer Mike Cales. “The Company has painted themselves into a corner and are leading themselves into a strike. The last thing anyone wants to do is go on strike, and this Local and the International take this extremely seriously. We have 7,000 members in 710 alone who want this company to come to their senses, but we’ve also shown UPS that we’re ready to do what it takes if they don’t.”

If a final tentative agreement is not ratified by the current contract’s expiration on July 31, UPS Teamsters would go on strike at midnight on August 1.

Local 710 Business Agents will be visiting facilities to answer questions. Local 710 will also be scheduling Zoom meetings to further discuss all matters as they develop. Stay tuned to for the latest updates as negotiations progress.    

Strike FAQs

Will I lose my health insurance benefits if we go on strike?
TeamCare coverage will continue for members who walk the picket line (including for spouses and family members).

Will I get paid while on strike?
Active members in good standing (those who are less than one month in arrears in dues) who walk the picket line will receive strike pay weekly from the Teamsters International equal to 5 times your monthly dues rate (minimum of $200) starting on Day 1. Dues will be taken out of the first week’s check and fully credited to members so you will maintain your good standing in the Union.

When would I have to walk the picket line?
Business Agents & Strike Captains will assign shifts by seniority. Members must report daily and sign in when walking the picket line. Sign-in sheets are provided to the Teamsters to receive strike benefits.

Any member who crosses the picket line or stays home WILL NOT receive strike pay.

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