Local 710 UPS Teamsters Authorize Strike

Members Overwhelmingly Vote 93 Percent to Strike if Necessary

MOKENA, IL | Teamsters Local 710 members have sent a very clear message to UPS: 93 percent have voted in favor of authorizing the Bargaining Committee to call for a strike if necessary.

“This Union has known all along that our members are ready to do whatever it takes to get a strong contract that they deserve,” said Local 710 Bargaining Chairman and President Del Schaefer. “If UPS didn’t believe it before, they sure do now. The voices of our members were heard loud and clear that we are all united and will stand firmly on the issues that have brought us to this point.”

The strike authorization gives the Local 710 Bargaining Committee the power to call a strike if UPS fails to come to an agreement that reflects the hard work and dedication of UPS members that make the company as profitable as it is. Members were able to vote electronically throughout the week while the committee continued to negotiate. The Local 710 Bargaining Committee has been invited by General President Sean O’Brien to negotiate alongside the National Bargaining Committee in Washington, DC next week.

“Now that we have the powerful leverage of a strike authorization, going to DC to bargain our 710 contract in tandem with the national will really show UPS that we are all in this together,” said 710 Secretary-Treasurer Mike Cales. “Our committee is honored and excited by this opportunity to work together to reach agreements that benefit UPSers across the entire country.”

The parties made progress on many open proposals including time off, harassment, and technology. A handful of tentative agreements were reached throughout the week, plus several counters were passed back and forth on many open proposals. One tentative agreement in particular increases the amount of members who can take split week vacation days and gives strengthened protection to members when they need time off.

“I’m proud of what our committee has done to keep UPS’s feet to the fire,” said Schaefer. “We received a lot of proposals regarding taking days off and actually being able to do so when we want to, without UPS denying our requests. Our committee clearly explained what the issues are to UPS, and we have improved our language to allow more members to take time off that they need.”

Stay tuned to Teamsters710.com for the latest updates as negotiations progress.

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