Local 710 Sysco Secures Unprecedented Tentative Agreement

Foodservice Teamsters Stand Together for Strong Wages and Health Insurance Benefits

DES PLAINES, IL | In a marathon two days of negotiations, the Teamsters Local 710 Sysco Bargaining Committee secured an unprecedented tentative agreement with their employer around midnight this morning.

Secretary-Treasurer & Bargaining Chairman Mike Cales made it clear to the company that the members had given him the overwhelming authority to call for a strike if necessary in a unanimous vote of 160-0 on February 9, and that significantly improved the tone and pace of negotiations.

I explained to the company that there would be no way that our members would work without having a tentative agreement before the contract expired – I had no interest in signing an extension agreement to continue bargaining as it had been moving. Mike Ramirez and our committee did a phenomenal job of keeping the company’s feet to the fire, and our legal counsel, Stuart Davidson, ensured the company stayed honest and fair. With everything we did combined, our voices were finally and truly heard. Every step we took together built some of the strongest solidarity amongst the entire membership that I’ve ever seen, and with their support, we were able to secure an agreement we are proud to bring back to them for a vote.

Mike Cales, Secretary-Treasurer & Bargaining Chair

Local 710 secured the largest ever annual wage increases for all drivers. In addition, as one of the top issues from the members, 710 also secured a new health insurance plan for all drivers that mirrors the Local 710 Health & Welfare plan at no cost to the members, which is locked in for the duration of the agreement. This also means that members who previously had to pay 25% towards their co-insurance will no longer need to contribute anything toward their premium.

Local 710 also established a subcommittee to meet with the company prior to bidding to discuss any issues with the bidding procedure, which also includes a committee to address safety. The bid will also now take place three times a year instead of two. All current CDL Drivers will now also have strong job security and protection to their pay should a reduction in that classification’s workforce occur.

The members really have a voice in their workplace now. We showed the company just how unified we are, and that they should never underestimate us. Because of that, we were able to secure an agreement without a single concession.

Mike Ramirez, Business Agent & Bargaining Co-Chair

The Local 710 Bargaining Committee unanimously recommend the tentative agreement be put before the membership for a vote. Therefore, a contract review meeting and ratification vote will be scheduled for the beginning of March. Stay tuned to Teamsters710.com and follow us on Facebook for the latest updates.

Local 710 Bargaining Committee

Mike Cales, Secretary-Treasurer & Bargaining Chair
Mike Ramirez, Business Agent & Bargaining Co-Chair
Del Schaefer, President
Mike Lloyd, Union Steward
Sean Rix, Union Steward
Jose Marquez, Union Steward
Jim Ashby, Rank-and-File Member
Kevin Joyce, Rank-and-File Member
Jaime Figueroa, Rank-and-File Member
Stuart Davidson, Legal Counsel

Questions? Contact your Local 710 Sysco Business Agent

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