Local 710 Teamster Spotlight: Bill Corse, UPS Quincy Package Car Driver

43 Years of Service • 31 Years Circle of Honor • 80 years young

PICTURED ABOVE: Bill Corse (front center) pictured with some of his fellow Package Car Drivers at UPS Quincy

QUINCY, IL | While many workers can’t wait to get to the ultimate goal of retirement, others are happy to keep working as long as they can.

One of those workers is Bill Corse, who works as a UPS Package Car Driver out of the Quincy, Ill. facility. Brother Corse has been a 710 UPS member for more than 43 years, is a 31-year Circle of Honor Driver, and is 80 years young.

Bill grew up in the small town of Bowen, Ill., where he started working for his family’s business when he was 10 years old. His parents raised him to have a great work ethic which he still embodies to this day. Prior to joining UPS, Bill was drafted into the army where he served for two years. While he was deployed, the family business went into debt, and when he returned, Bill was determined to work hard to pay off all debts Through working numerous jobs, Bill was able to ensure that every single debt owed from his family’s business was repaid.

I can tell you from personal experience, Bill is a class act. Everyone at Quincy loves him, and it’s not hard to see why. He loves his work and being a Teamster.

Del Schaefer
Local 710 President & Business Agent

Bill still lives in hometown of Bowen with his wife, Joyce, and they have two daughters, LeAnn & Mitzi. Throughout his entire tenure at UPS, Bill has delivered the same rural route in his hometown, developing strong relationships with all of his customers.

“Age doesn’t stop Bill from loving his job & working hard,” said Schaefer. “Last time we spoke, he had been out late the night before with 107 stops covering 297 miles. That’s a heck of a run for any driver.”

For someone who had a goat eat his delivery records while at a stop, Bill has truly seen a little bit of everything while working at UPS, and he doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon.

Teamsters Local 710 represents more than 13,000 members across the Midwest and is an affiliate of Teamsters Joint Council 25, America’s premier labor union for Chicago, Illinois and northwest Indiana.

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