710 Takes General Membership Meeting to Fort Wayne

Meetings on the Road Open Opportunity for Increased Membership Involvement

FORT WAYNE, IN | Teamsters Local 710 took the July General Membership Meeting on the road to the Fort Wayne, Ind. area to reach more of the members this past Sunday.

“Most of the members who come to our meetings on the road are ones that don’t really get the opportunity to come to a regular meeting at the hall since they live far away,” said Secretary-Treasurer Mike Cales. “These road meetings are a great opportunity to get more members involved in our Local. Everyone has been really appreciative, and I’m looking forward to continuing this moving forward.”

The Fort Wayne meeting was the third General Membership Meeting that the E-Board has brought on the road. Last year, meetings took place in Effingham, Ill. and Davenport, Iowa, reaching members in southwestern and northwestern Illinois and Iowa.

The next General Membership Meeting on the road is scheduled for September 29, 2019 in the South Bend, Ind. area.

Fort Wayne Cookout

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