Statement From Trustee John T. Coli Regarding Teamsters Local 710 Grocery/Food Membership Rumors

Over the course of the last few weeks, there has been a barrage of rumors regarding the transfer of Teamsters Local 710 members to Teamsters Local 703.

While I’m not in the habit of responding to gossip, unfortunately I’m forced to acknowledge this issue. It’s become obvious there are several people whose selfish political interests have prevented them from contacting me or other employees of Local 710 to address their concerns in a manner fitting of professional adults.


These political, self-serving agitators claim to have concern for Local 710, but their actions speak otherwise. The blatant, self-centered pursuit of political office does nothing but hurt Local 710 and its members. Local 710 is operating in a precarious financial position and continues to be subsidized by the Teamsters International. The hole dug by the previous officers is very deep. Administrative problems are pervasive. Like the membership, the staff is concerned daily about the health of the union. They continue to work hard to make Local 710 as healthy as possible.

When Local 710 is on stable ground, we will announce an election and members will elect the leaders they feel are qualified to run this extraordinarily complicated yet critically important organization.

Sincere concern for the local is legitimate and necessary, but when individuals mask and exploit such concern with political grandstanding, I find that troubling. A willful denial of facts in pursuit of political aspirations is dangerous to the entire membership of Local 710.

Instead of wasting time kicking and screaming online or writing letters that force others to waste their valuable time, any member at any time is strongly encouraged to pick up the phone and call the union hall the next time they have a concern. Please ask to speak with me directly or with one of the assistant trustees. We are rebuilding Local 710.

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