Teamsters Local 710 Reaches Unprecedented Agreement with Jewel

Two Marathon Negotiating Sessions Yields Outstanding Benefits, Improvements for Members

MOKENA, IL | The Teamsters Local 710 committee wrapped up another marathon bargaining session with Jewel earlier this evening and secured an unprecedented tentative agreement for a new five-year contract for warehouse and transportation members.

The parties are refining the final documents and will submit the agreement to a ratification by the members of Local 710.

“These were very difficult and contentious negotiations, and I want to recognize the remarkable work of the rank and file negotiating committee,” said Secretary-Treasurer Mike Cales. “Our member negotiators were focused, determined, and unified. Not to mention the experienced leadership from Business Agents Dick Bartolo and Keith Kazluski, whose knowledge of the history of the Jewel contracts is immeasurable. Plus, we were backed by the strength of the best labor legal team at Willig, Williams, and Davidson with attorneys Stuart Davidson and Joe Richardson. Our Local 710 membership at Jewel was well-represented by their brothers and this union.

“The solidarity within this group is inspiring. The situation was not looking good yesterday, and we were literally 15 minutes away from going on strike when the employer finally realized just how serious the situation was. We stood together through the very end, and it will have a major impact for the entire bargaining unit moving forward.”

Local 710 is planning a ratification sometime in the next two weeks, and the parameters of the agreement will be shared very soon.

“We had a great team standing behind our members as well,” said Cales. “I want to thank Joint Council 25 President Terry Hancock, who was always checking in on us and was extremely helpful as we geared up for a strike. I also want to thank International Vice President & Warehouse Director Steve Vairma, who ensured that we had the support of the entire warehouse division and stayed in close communication with us. And of course, having the strength and resources of the entire IBT thanks to President Jim Hoffa, who also kept in close contact with our group, was immeasurably helpful. It was an incredible team effort – solidarity at its finest.”