Local 710 Sysco Negotiations Continue

Teamsters Address Bid Procedure, Prepare for Upcoming Sessions

DES PLAINES, IL | Negotiations with Sysco continued throughout December. As initiated by the Local 710 Bargaining Committee, the last two sessions focused on the bid procedure.

“The company seems to think that it should not share the responsibility of abusing the drivers’ hours of service and other provisions of the contract,” said Business Agent Mike Ramirez. “We’re here to hold them accountable and prove that they’re wrong.”

The Union proposed a positive change to the current bid procedure, and as a result, a sub-committee has been appointed to review, discuss, and observe the routing procedure. That committee will be comprised of Business Agent Mike Ramirez, Union Stewards Mike Lloyd, Sean Rix and Jose Marquez, as well as four company representatives, including one Router. The sub-committee is scheduled to meet on January 9.

As anticipated, negotiations are moving at a slow pace. The Local 710 Bargaining Committee will carefully consider all proposals and decide in the best interest of the bargaining unit.

“We know the company has prospered on the backs of its workers,” said Marquez. “It’s time to share the wealth, and we’re prepared to work towards a fair agreement.”

Negotiations are scheduled to resume January 13. Any questions from Sysco members should be directed to the Local 710 Bargaining Committee.

Local 710 Bargaining Committee

Mike Cales, Secretary-Treasurer
Del Schaefer, President
Mike Ramirez, Business Agent
Mike Lloyd, Union Steward
Sean Rix, Union Steward
Jose Marquez, Union Steward
Jim Ashby, Rank-and-File Member
Kevin Joyce, Rank-and-File Member
Jaime Figueroa, Rank-and-File Member
Stuart Davidson, Legal Counsel

Questions? Contact your Local 710 Sysco Business Agent

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